Say Goodbye to Dead Zones of your home with the Rockspace Extender setup

Have you gotten frustrated by your internet service provider because of a slow Wi-Fi speed? Is the internet connection in your home too slow and intermittent? If so, then Congratulations! Rockspace wifi extender setup has brought all you need in a single device. Poor Wi-F speed is not the fault of your router only, but some external factors are also responsible for that. In a big area, you need a range extender. It amplifies your wireless signals and broadcasts even to the corners of your house. If you already have a range extender, you need something to do with the position of your router and the Wi-Fi extender.

Know the best and optimal position of your extender

The standard range of your Wi-Fi router is about 150 feet. Still, you get weak and poor internet connection because of some hurdles, like concrete walls, electronic devices, cordless phones, baby monitors, etc. The best solution for the above problems is to get a range extender. Get the Re.rockspace.local range extender and place it in an optimal location with your router.

  1. Place your Rockspace extender to the optimal location of your router.
  2. In the beginning, it should not be more than three to six feet away from the router.
  3. Plug your Rockspace wifi extender into an electric outlet near the router.
  4. Turn the extender and press the power button on it.
  5. Turn your router on and press the WPS button on it.
  6. As you see a solid blue LED light on it, leave the button.
  7. Press the WPS button on your range extender also for 20 seconds.
  8. Now, your router and the Rockspace wifi extender will communicate with one another.
  9. As you see that your Rockspace extender connects to the router, you can remove it.
  10. Place it to the desired location where you feel the Wi-Fi dead zones in your home.

Technically, it is halfway from your router and the Wi-Fi dead zones. Keep rotating the extender until you get the green LED light on it. In the case of red and Amber LED lights, you have to search for another location. So, it is the best way to place your Re.rockspace.local wireless range extender in your home. In case of any other details and confusion, call our experts or leave a message.

How to Setup a New Wi-Fi Range Extender with Home router?

You ought to know your Rockspace local web URL. Re.rockspace.local is an offline web access URL to set up your Wi-Fi range extender with the existing Home router. You can even connect your ap.setup Wi-Fi extender login page to the online setup portal using the IP address Sometimes, you cannot access the new extender setup page. It is because your Wi-Fi device is not connected with the wireless network of your Rockspace https://ap.setup extender.

In the beginning, you have to recognize the LED indicators on your Range Extender before going ahead in a setup process.

Power LED light: – Power LED Indicates that the Rockspace wifi extender is powered up. It will light green after a successful connection.

4GHz LED light: If it blinks, an Internet data packet is transmitted or received on your device.

5GHz LED light: Blinking fast when an Internet data packet is transmitted or received.

WPS(Wi-Fi Protected Setup): It is a hardware button. It helps the user to connect with a router within a few minutes.

Internet LED: It is the most crucial indicator as it indicates your extender is connected to the network.

Most of your Wi-Fi router and the other networking devices have the WPS hardware button on them. With the help of your WPS button, you can connect your router itself to connect any gadgets without any pain. You can even connect your wireless extender using the WPS method. You can connect your Rockspace extender AC750 setup to your home router. 

How to reset the extender if it does connects to the router

There are many times when we have to reset the extender to the factory default settings. Sometimes, the IP address of your range does not work. Sometimes it does not connect to your existing range extender even after many efforts. In that case, we have to reset the Rockspace wifi extender to the default login configuration. You can fix many problems via the reset process.

To reset your Rockspace range extender follow the steps;

  1. Plug your Rockspace extender AC750 setup devices to the wall outlet.
  2. After plugging the device, press the power button and turn it on.
  3. After that, press the reset button using a mobile screw for 15-20 seconds.
  4. After that, the power LED light on your range extender will turn solid.
  5. Now, your device will restore its default configuration.

After reset, you have to login back to your range extender’s web-based console. In this way, you can use the default login details to get into the Re.rockspace.local settings. The default login details are on the above-described page.