5 Different Types of Oscillating blades and Their Applications

You can explore a wide range of potential uses with the right kind of blades for an oscillating tool. Oscillating Multi-tools can serve you with many jobs getting done right. They are one of the most efficient tools used nowadays. There are different blades for different jobs and you will be able to use these blades effectively once you match them with the job they are manufactured to do. Makita multi-cutter blades are of some of the finest quality in the market. You can purchase a number of blades in one set. They are designed for carpentry jobs and give a professional finish to your projects. Their saw blades can cut softwood, hardwood, veneered chipboard, HPL floorboards. Plunge cutters that are present in coated boards, cut non-hardened nails, screws, and tiny ferrous metal profiles B-21369. Similarly, B-21353 plunge cut blades are used to cut door frames. There are multiple other oscillating tools for a variety of jobs. 

Which Multi-Tool Blade for Which Job?

A specific blade may be required for the job that you wish to carry out with it. As there are multiple types of blades available in the market it can get hard for you to decide and know about each of their applications. The selection of blade can also majorly depend upon the material. 

Segmented Blades

The blades with a segmented round, half-moon shape are known as segmented blades. If you need a blade for making linear cuts, creating plunge cuts in wood, metal PVC, and many more materials then segmented blades are a good choice. Segmented blades provide a more smooth finish because their teeth have zero offsets.

Plunge Cut Blades

Plunge cut blades are also known as straight-cut blades. They can make plunge and linear cuts in a more precise manner. As compared to segmented blades, plunge cut blades cut deeper into the material. If you want to create cutouts in drywall, laminate, skirting boards, making rough cuts in simple wood, etc then plunge cut blades are the perfect option. You will find these blades in a Makita multi-cutter blade set. 

Scraping Blades

For removing old wallpaper and bringing out linoleum, scraping blades are considered excellent. Using a manual scrapper will take much more time but these blades can save you a lot of time as they are comparatively more efficient and quicker than manual scrappers.

Bi-Metal Cutting Blades

Being tougher, sharper, and longer-lasting than standard blades, Bi-Metal blades are considered to be the best for metal cutting applications. They are also great for cutting wood with embedded nails.

Diamond Grit Blades

There are some Multi-tool blades that have diamond grids or carbide edges that are more expensive than standard options but are worth the price. If you need to cut some tough materials like tiles and grout then diamond grit blades may be the best options for you out there. 


You can also use your oscillating blades for sanding jobs. For this, you need to replace the attachment of the blade with sanding paper. For smaller surface sanding and prepping jobs, this is considered a convenient option but they are not designed to do so on a larger scale.


As discussed above, there are multiple applications of oscillating blades. You can match the different types of these blades with the relevant job for which they are designed. Makita multi-cutter blades set has a variety of excellent tool blades that can be used for different applications. All you need to do is do some searching and get to know more about their usage.
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