Custom Candle Boxes- What You Need To Pick To Boost Your Candle Sales?

Candles become the essential part of making our minds peaceful with their beautiful and gleeful fragrances. And due to this, many spas, salons, restaurants, and pubs use these candles to provide relaxation to your mind. Also, most people use high-quality candles for gifting purposes. And all and one want to buy the best aromatic candles that are packed in satisfactory packaging solution. Therefore, candle brands need to pack their candles in quality packaging boxes. The use of premade candles is not an awesome option for your business because you need to win the trust of multiple types of customers. So, custom candle boxes are the best option to fulfill the demand of the industry and your audiences. Now it’s time to jump in why you need to pick candle packaging with customized solutions. 

Choose Customization to Build Quality Candle Boxes

The first logic is customization that offers the authority to pick any dimensions for your candle boxes as per your choice. But in premade boxes never allow you to choose any element according to your choice. So, pick all the options you want to see in your custom candle boxes to make them top-notch and worthy. Moreover, if you choose candle boxes wholesale, you can get facilitation from a few discounts. So, always choose custom candle boxes that create according to your perception and imagination.  Here are some essentials that you finalize after the high research and competitors analysis in your industry. These things help you to stand out in the clusters of competitors. 

  • Brand name 
  • Product name 
  • Logo 
  • Design and styles 
  • Material

Pick Astonish Styles for Candle Boxes 

The style of candle boxes is the essential thing that provides a sleek appearance to your candle boxes. Plus, you require to choose candle packaging boxes styles that are sophisticated and easy to unbox. If your customers feel comfortable, then you can rule on their hearts for a long time. And, your dedication to providing the best quality never replaces you with any other brand. Moreover, while choose cardboard candle boxes must ensure the durability and protection level of your products that require to increase their shelf life. So, here are some esthetic and strong styles to pack your candles. 

  • 1-2-3 auto bottom box 
  • 2-piece cylindrical candle boxes
  • Tuck-end boxes 
  • Mailer boxes 
  • Flip-top Rectangular magnetic lid box 
  • Handle boxes 
  • Handle pillow-shaped boxes 

Go For Catchy Design for our Candles 

Besides, the style candle boxes require alluring candles for your printed candle boxes. As a candle manufacturer, you have the right to use design elements that you want to see on your candle boxes as per your interest and pattern. The use of sparkling design with bold colors fills life in your custom printed candle boxes as per your choice. So, here is some hot potato designs that are popular in the industry. 

  • Blurring design 
  • Floral Pattern 
  • Black and white text design 
  • Marbling design 
  • Holographic design 
  • Intricate lines 
  • Geometrical shapes 

So, you can pick a style for your candle boxes according to your desires. And, pick any printing type for candle boxes from digital printing, screen printing, offset printing, and flexographic printing. Moreover, you can choose colors for your candle boxes with the help of CMYK RGB and PMS color models. 

Insertion of Window Boxes to Provide the Visibility of the product

The window insertion in your candle box packaging looks fantastic and provides visibility of the products in front of target audiences. Most of the time, customers want to buy your products after checking the texture of your products and smell. At that time, the insertion window provides the authentication of your products in front of your audiences. For this purpose, you pick a single-sided window and a double-sided window to insert in candle packaging. 

Use Advanced Coating to Control the Internal Temperature for Product Security 

Sometimes candle brands ship their candles in a too cold place, or sometimes they are extremely hot. So, the concern to ship candles on time in their same condition is quite challenging for them because in warm temperature candles are melt and cold temperature these candles are de-shape. Due to this, they need special UV coatings that protect their packaging and control the inside packaging environment to maintain the quality of your products regarding their shape and aroma. 

Annexation of Add-on to Increase the Value of Your Products 

Now it’s time to add value to your candle packaging boxes with some add-ons. So, use custom candle packaging that allows you to pick any more creative option that fits your budget. So, you can use foil stamping, embossing, debossing, metallic tones, laminations, and spot UV patterns on your custom candle packaging to heft the value of candles in the industry. 

Ending Up Thoughts 

The gist of the aforementioned discussion is quite evident to explain tips that help you to boost your candle sales. In this regard, you need to pick high-grade quality cardstock, styles, design, and add-on to fill the life in your candle boxes. The use of customized candle boxes is the perfect option that you must consider to offer the perfect look to your candles. If you want custom candle boxes wholesale to pack your bulk candles to serve your end-users. So, you can give any look to your candle box as per your choice and your budget. 
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