How To Troubleshoot Asustor Storage Device Not Responding?

The Asustor Storage Device NAS is WiFi-connected & stupendous network-attached storage device. It has been used to save many files and documents. Such a device is mostly used in a company where there is a lot of data and files and they keep all these files and documents in one place. Then, this company usually uses this device & completely saves your essential files & documents. Additionally, the connectivity technology of this device is WiFi. then you can easily & securely access the documents & files anywhere.

The USB port is built-in on the back panel of the storage device. This port thoroughly allows making the connection with the computer or laptop device. The smart indicator LED light is also built-in on the front panel of the Asustor storage device that completely delivers the information relevant to this device.

Furthermore, inside the network-attached storage device, the dual-core processor & RAM is there that thoroughly save large files. This device is entirely optimum for all types of files & documents. If you wish to share the files to the storage device from a laptop or PC, then you should perform the asustor nas setup. The setup is necessary to share the files & documents in the proper manner. 

Why is the Asustor Storage Device not responding?

The asustor storage device is compatible with all network devices such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, iPad, & more. Then with this device, you can easily & securely share the documents. But sometimes, the issue comes, as storage devices not responding due to isr do not share the files & documents. If the storage device is not responding then you cannot be able to share the files & documents. Here are some causes due to network-attached storage devices not responding.

  • Using faulty power cord & AC power adapter
  • Location of the Asustor Storage Device incorrect
  • Not connecting to the WiFi network
  • Cable connection faulty

Troubleshooting: Asustor Storage Device Not Responding

Sometimes, the Asustor Storage Device is not responding and the user faces many issues. Here are some resolutions to properly & completely resolve the issue in a quick manner. 

Verify the power cord & AC power adapter

Sometimes, the power cord that is plugged into the storage device is faulty. If the power cord is faulty then the Asustor Storage Device is not responding. If it is not responding, then you have to ensure the power cord. If the power cord is truly faulty & useless, then you have to instantly unplug it into the power connector.

Additionally, ensure the AC power adapter. If the power adapter is also faulty then it will not work due to which Asustor Storage Device will not respond. To properly resolve the issue, you have to plug the new power cord that is entirely working into the power connector. Plug the properly & working AC power adapter in the power outlet. Turn ON the button & verify the connection. After that, the Asustor NAS absolutely responded. 

Connect to the stable WiFi network with Ethernet cable

Sometimes, the files & documents are not accessed remotely. The cause is that your storage device does not connect to the WiFi network. If it is not connecting to the network then you cannot be able to access the files & documents remotely. To resolve the issue, you have to connect the storage device to the network with an Ethernet cable instead of a wireless connection. Because the wireless connection is not correct, in the middle the connection is broken repeatedly.

This device supports a LAN port, so you can easily make the connection. Just use an Ethernet cable & properly plug into an available LAN port. After that, switch ON the power by pressing the power button & make sure the network connectivity. To access the files & documents remotely, you have to need asustor default password. Without a password, you cannot access the files remotely.

Ensure the cable connection

Sometimes the cable connection of the Steerage device with your device does not work properly due to which it does not respond. If the cable connection is faulty then the storage device is not responding. To fix the issue, you have to examine the connection. If the cable is loose plug it into the port, then you instantly tightly plug. If the cable is broken in the middle then you have to unplug into your device as well as a storage device. After that, you have to plug a new cable into an available port & ready the connection. 

Restart the network-attached storage device 

 To resolve the not responding issue, you have to restart the network-attached storage device. To restart the device, you have to unplug the power cord as well as the Ethernet cable. Then you have to use the power button & turn off the device. After 10-15 minutes, you have to switch ON the power again on this device. 

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