Few people manage to learn to skiing! Start with a few lessons on the UK’s many indoor skiing slopes that will give you an idea of ​​what to expect and the basics so you can enjoy the spectacular views as you approach the mountains. !

1 – get something

Ask and borrow (don’t steal!) From friends or get an online clothing rental company. It is usually not possible to rent clothing in European seaside resorts. You need:

  • 1 pair of gloves must be waterproof and warm. Loan or rent.
  • 1 pair long suit – waterproof warm pants designed for skiing. Loan or rent.
  • Jacket – 

A waterproof jacket is essential. You can add warmth under the sweater if you already have a waterproof and waterproof outer layer.

  • Layers – 

Wear long sleeved shirts, pants and sweaters, panties or leggings for the weather. You can buy good thermals, but they are expensive and you can be happy with what you already have.

  • Socks are a bit important … A few years ago, we wore socks without legs. They are not that good due to friction. Choose something thicker than a regular sock, but not too thick as you won’t be able to control your feet! (A biker often doesn’t wear socks at all! Imagine …). Maybe it would be better to buy them and take a few and travel by candlelight!
  • Hat – 

a warm thing that covers the ears.

  • Glasses: 

good on a snowy/windy day. Loan or rent.

  • The Collar:

 The scarf is thick enough, so borrow it or buy a special item that’s freaked out. It covers the mouth even on windy / cold days.

  • Sun Protection: 

Good sunscreen sunglasses, high SPF sunscreen and lip balm are essential as snow reflects sunlight and you can tan easily even in cold weather.

2 – Take lessons

Book for one or more lessons too, because this gives you confidence and increases speed and also reduces the risk of injury if you know what to do with your hands and feet! skiing schools offer private lessons (good if you’re nervous) or weekly group sessions (ideally if you need a lot of motivation).

You can practice with your friends for the rest of the time. If you are traveling during the school holidays, it is important to book lessons from the UK in advance.

3 – prepare to be angry

Difficult to skiing. It takes practice and effort, so sometimes you need to be prepared to brush your teeth and fight gravity and other forces of nature! You feel pain in places you’ve never felt before and tend to get hot and sweaty. But (and that’s great too!) The joy of getting off without falling on the first run is FINO!

4 – Burned

If you spend a lot of energy, eat more and drink lots of water. Use it as an excuse to stop refueling regularly, whether for a picnic or in a restaurant / restaurant. One of the joys of skiing is having a drink with friends on the sunny terrace, and you will really feel the energy difference if you don’t refuel!

5 – smile

Learning to skiing isn’t the most elegant thing you can get. Bring a camera and if the black race went crazy easily in a few years, you will laugh at your videos chewing the snow like turtles!

How to save money when

skiers thrower

We all know that skiing holidays are not cheap in terms of equipment and holiday costs. Here are our tips for saving:

Do you need a lift?

To get off, you must first get up. Lifts of all kinds of lifts are springing up for you. Management costs money, so you have to pay for this service! However, you may not need to access the lift for the first two days, depending on how early you purchase it, as beginner lifts are often free. Ask your skiing school for advice before going to the resort.

Borrow stuff

Don’t spend a lot of money on new things if you can borrow or borrow what you already have (see link).

Rent, don’t buy

There are rentals that include boots, skis / boards, poles and helmets. Until you decide to return, it makes sense to rent. Everyone should carry the best ski boots with them while skiing. This helps to get a premium level of performance.

Choose a travel package

Given the current weakness of the euro against the pound, it makes sense to book a tour package that includes flights, transfers and most meals. So you can relax (if you want!) And save essential vacation expenses like skiing school, equipment rental and drinks / lunch.

Be fit and healthy

Injuries can be painful and costly. While you can pay off with your insurance, you will obviously need a credit card to pay in advance (you should always keep it on the slopes). If you stay hydrated, you take the time to stretch and train as you prepare for your vacation and significantly reduce the risk of injury. built.

Final thoughts …

You fell. Enough. And when it came back, it was even hotter!

Children are better than you. Much better.

Hate! By mid-week, you will be satisfied with your progress.

Skiing is addictive! It only took a week to “get the error”

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