What different types of horn models are there?

The horn is an important safety feature that has been made mandatory in cars by the government. The horn does not only ensure that the driver can alert other people of his presence, but also comes as a deterrent for others who may be on the road.

Why do you need a horn for your car?

Different cars have different types of horns, though they are all meant to do the same thing – make a loud noise to alert other people. Different states in India have different horn requirements as well. The Indian Government requires two horns or hooters, which must each measure not more than 130 decibels at 10 feet distance.

The rocker switch located on your car’s steering wheel is for this purpose. When you push the rocker switch up or down, depending on whether you want the left or right hooter to sound, it sends an electronic signal to that particular hooter, which then activates the rocker coil inside it and makes a sound that can be heard even over high speeds. This has ensured that drivers are able to alert people of their presence without having to put the car in neutral and set the brake.

Type of Car horns

There are many types of car horns available in the Indian market which differentiates according to make, design, size, shape, and price. These horns are made by various automobile companies for different models of cars.

The various types of car horns are:

  1. Dual Tone air horn
  2. Single tone air horn
  3. Trumpet Horns
  4. Electric Sound Horns
  5. Double Trumpet Horns
  6. Twin Trumpet Horns

Dual Tone air horn

The Dual Tone air horn is the most popular and common type used in cars. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. This horn has two separate tones which make different types of sound and depending on the driver’s requirement, they choose what would be suitable for them. The electric Sound horns are very similar to Dual-tone one as it also comes with two separate horns that produce different sounds but the only difference is this horn produces sound when the button is pressed instead of blowing air into it by lung power. These electric versions can be either mounted on the dashboard or fitted inside the car.

Single-tone air horn

The Single-tone air horns emit a single sound whereas the Double Trumpet version emits two distinct notes at once. These are available in various shapes and sizes, depending on the automobile company which manufactures it.

The size of a horn varies depending upon its type. Dual-tone air horns are normally small in size compared to other types. Trumpet horns are comparatively larger than other models while the electric versions can be fitted anywhere.

Trumpet Horns

The Trumpet Horns are generally used in bigger cars, trucks, and buses. It is known for its distinct sound that can be heard well from long distances. These horns are available in different shapes including round, square or rectangular.

Electric Sound Horns

They have a button on the horn which produces electric signals to create sounds. They are mostly fitted inside the car interior so that it alerts the driver without making any noise. These come equipped with rechargeable batteries to increase the life of the horn however it has to be replaced when they get overcharged.

Double Trumpet Horns

This type of horn is best suited for sports utility vehicles as it comes with two separate trumpets having different notes and frequencies which produce a loud sound. These horns are mostly available in variations of rock or jazz music which is set according to the driver’s choice.

Twin Trumpet Horns

This type of horn has two separate trumpets that produce different notes thus producing loud sound simultaneously from both the trumpets. They are used in large cars and SUVs as they emit a louder sound than other types of horns. They can either be fitted inside the car or mounted on the exterior part, depending upon the automobile company manufacturing it.

The price also differs while buying a car horn model. Dual-tone air horn is relatively cheaper compared to other models while the Double Trumpet version costs more because it produces two signals at once, producing a high pitch sound that can be heard from a longer distance.

There are a large number of suppliers and manufacturers who sell these best car horns in India. The cost depends on the brand name and model which you have selected for your car.

There are many types of car horns available in the Indian market, out of which air horns are the most popular. The trumpet horns are also quite common but louder than that of other types, whereas the Double Trumpet model is very costly and mostly used in SUVs. Electric Sound Horns produce sound signals when button pressed while the Twin Trumpet version comes with two separate trumpets producing different tones at the same time to emit loud sound simultaneously.

Where should you buy Car horns online in India?

When it comes to buy car horns online, there are two types of people. Those who prefer branded items and those who just want cheap car horns for their vehicle. There are many online stores where you can buy generic car horns without a brand name but always make sure that the specification matches your automobile model.

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