How to enable the WAN settings of the Asus Gaming Router?

The Asus Gaming Router is considered the best wireless router that provides the perfect network solution and completes the needs of connectivity issues. You can consider it by its name that it is best or ideal for online gaming. Also, the gaming wireless router helps to deliver fast blazing internet speed and provides a wide network connection to select the device for work or for online gaming. Moreover, the Asus Gaming Router is considered the best wifi mesh system for covering long distances with its seamless reaching power. 

It supports the AiMesh system that is compatible with other Asus Gaming Router and then helps to create a powerful whole-home wireless network. To enhance the wireless performance of the gaming router, it uses 600 Mbps or 867 Mbps of dual-band speed simultaneously. Additionally, its four Gigabit LAN ports provide faster speed than other Ethernet connections. However, you can also use 2.0 USB ports that are helpful for sharing large files locally or remotely. When the not working effectively then you can change the WAN connection type of the router device. 

Enabling WAN Settings of the Asus Gaming Router

To enable the WAN settings of the Asus Gaming Router you need a secure internet connection. The WAN connection allows you to configure various settings of the wireless router. In order to configure the settings of the WAN, go to the navigation panel and then select the advanced settings then click on the WAN section. Now you can configure various settings. But after making changes to the desired settings, click apply. In the WAN connection type, first, choose the ISP and then select from  Automatic IP, PPPoE, PPTP, L2TP, or fixed IP. You can also take advice from the Internet Service Provider when you are unable to join the WAN connection type.

You have to go to six major settings to enable the WAN type connection for the Asus gaming router. The NAT connection uses network clients with IP addresses in a LAN connection. It uses each network client and then saves the NAT table to router the data packs. The UPnP connection allows it to connect to several wireless devices at the same time. However, it provides a seamless connection for data transfer and remote configuration.

Also, it includes manual configuration settings of the port to accept the incoming connections to a specific local network. Then simply connect the connection to the DNS server and authenticate the device by connecting to the ISP. Then check the hostname as well as the MAC address to get a smooth connection into the home network.

Port range Trigger into the Asus wireless router

The Port range trigger helps to open the incoming port for a limited period of time and whenever any lenient network names an outgoing connection it provides instant information of the LAN network. You can allow more than one client for port forwarding at different times for Asus Gaming Router. Also, it requires an incoming port that varies from the outgoing ports. In order to set up the port triggering, you can go to the advanced settings and then select the WAN section. From the submenus, you can find the port triggering button and simply enable it. Tap yes and then save the settings. 

Port forwarding/ Virtual server for the wireless router

The virtual server or the port forwarding is the direct method to control the traffic on the specific port or a number of a device with another local network. You can also set it up as it also allows access to the specific traffic that is provided by the network connection. Simply access these settings with the Asus router app. This is how you can also set the DMZ Virtual connection as it allows the clients to directly receive the inbound packets of the network type. This method is useful when you need incoming ports to open the hostname or domain name then you can access it with the help of the virtual DMZ.

DDNS Server of the Asus gaming router

By setting up the DDNS server, it allows access to the Asus Gaming Router with the network provided by the DDNS server or another service server. In order, to set up the DDNS server, enable it from the advanced settings of the router, When the settings are done then click on the apply button. By enabling the DDNS server you can easily access the DNS name of the router, can fill in the details of the hostname, username, password, or DDNS key field. 

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