Fixing the LED Status issues of the TP Link Deco M4 mesh WiFi system

The TP Link Deco M4 whole-home mesh WiFi system helps to fill the home network with strong and powerful wifi signals. It helps to provide seamless wifi access throughout the house. Most probably, the tp-link wireless mesh system is used for broader wireless coverage and access the parental control to protect their children from accessing unusual content online. If you desire then you can also provide a remote control mesh wifi system from the tp-link tethering mobile app. Additionally, you can also operate the deco m4 mesh system with Amazon Alexa. The users of the tp-link deco m4 mesh system want to increase the speed of the existing wifi connection then they can use it with their existing routers. 

The tp link deco m4 provides excellent wireless speed and it is easy to set up with the help of the tp-link deco mobile app. If you also want to know that how to set up deco m4 then the app provides you with the proper instructions to set up the device. Just log in to the app with your credential details. 

LED Color Description about the TP Link Deco M4

In the following article, we’ll help you know about the LED description of the device and also help you to fix the Led’s error. Basically, the LEDs are the one thing in the device that helps you to know about the current situation and connections of the device. It indicates different LEDs which signifies different meanings. Read on!

The pulse yellow LED indication means the tp link deco m4 is resetting into the factory default settings. The solid yellow LED means the device is starting up, you need to show patience until it starts properly. The blue pulsing LED indicates the device is ready to set up and connect to the wireless devices. The solid blue LED indicates the device is setting up the settings with other wireless devices.

The pulsing white LED means the TP Link Deco M4 is currently upgrading the firmware of the device. The solid white LED means the device is working well and registered with other devices. The red pulse means it is disconnected from the deco m4 and a solid red LED means the device is currently facing an error or issue. We need to fix the red light error with the tp link deco m4 device. 

So you can delete the existing network connection with the mesh wifi system and perform the factory reset with the main deco. You can also create a new wireless network with the device and then connect the device with an old modem. Now unplug the LAN cable and plug it straight with the old wireless router. Hence the problem solves. 

Setup with TP-Link deco app 

Once you fix the LED light issue, then use the TP-link deco app for the setup of the deco m4 whole-home wifi mesh system. So firstly, download the app by scanning the QR code. You can install it into the Android pr Apple smartphones. After that, use the http // login address to the app with your tp-link user ID. If you don’t have the tp-link user ID then first you need to create the admin user account and the app will guide you through the rest of the steps.

After creating an account, now find the power of the modem and then connect to the modem and the power to turn it on. If you don’t have the modem then directly connect it with the Ethernet outlet with the help of the Deco app.

Thereafter select an appropriate location. In case the location is not listed then you can create or customize the location by identifying the LED lights. Then you need to create the wifi network in which you need to set a network name and wifi password for the security of the internet connection. It will also help to connect to other wireless devices. Once all the steps are successfully completed then you can seamlessly add mire tp link deco m4 to expand the wifi connection to the entire house.

Final Words

The TP Link deco m4 provides the excellent speed to cover the entire house in just a few seconds after the setup. However, it has a pleasant design and easy-to-use parental control for the safety of the kids. Well, the tp-link deco m4 does not offer you the web user interface setup so you need to complete the setup by using the tp-link deco m4 app. The app provides various options to set up the device and also instructs you to do the setup. 

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