Leading Ways to setup the Wavlink Universal Repeater with AP/Router mode

Do you want a classy wireless router for your large homes or offices? Are you looking for the simple yet ultra-modern, voguish, and not yet too prodigious on your wallet? If you are thinking that it is impossible to get this kind of router then we highly recommend you to buy the Wavlink Universal Repeater. The Wavlink repeater that you can set into the access point or repeater mode. However, it provides a dual-band speed of up to 300 Mbps and 867 Mbps of networking connection. Additionally, it provides four high-range external antennas that can be adjustable as well. 

However, the new design makes the Wavlink setup far better and easy than the previous methods. Its high performance and advanced wireless security feature satisfied the users. Moreover, the equipment of the Wavlink wireless router is very easy to assemble with the help of an installation guide, and the driver CD is included in this manner as well. In order to boost up the speed of the device, you can use its USB 2.0 ports that directly connect to the wireless device by using the Ethernet cable.

Configuration of the Wavlink Universal Repeater with AP/Router mode

This is the easiest and the simplest technique to configure the access point or the router mode that is used as a Wavlink wireless repeater. But first, you need to check the instruction of the WPS button that you will use with the Wavlink wireless router. However, it uses simultaneous technology to provide efficiency and reliability in the speed of the device. Now you can stream videos and play high regulation games hassle-free. In the further article, you will get to know how you can set the Wavlink Universal Repeater into the AP or the router mode. 

First, you need to select the mode and set it into the access point or the Wavlink Universal Repeater mode and position the device into the repeater mode. After that plug the mode into the power outlet and then press the WPS button of the access point or router for more than six seconds. When the WPS LED flashes for two minutes then release the button. Hereafter, you need to press the WPS button of the wireless router as well for four seconds.

Hence, the selector mode will connect to the Wavlink Universal Repeater automatically and then it copies all the wireless settings of the wireless to itself. Now you can access the router by using the network name (SSID) and the wireless security key. You can also configure the repeater mode of the device by connecting it to a wireless device such as a laptop, computer, etc with the help of an RJ45 cable. 

Wireless configuration of the Wavlink Wi-Fi repeater mode 

You have selected the mode as access point mode or the Wavlink Universal Repeater mode and then position the device with repeater mode. After that tap on the network icon on the bottom right corner of the desktop screen. Now you need to identify and connect to the signal named Wireless AC. After that, open the preferred internet browser into the desktop device and type ap setup or default IP address into the address bar.

However, this IP address will help you to access the AP/ router device. Once the login page appears on the screen then enter the user name and the wifi password to submit the credential details. As the username is the admin and the password is also admin. After the login process, you will see the web page and all you need to do is to click on the repeater button and set it up as a wizard.

From the available list, tap on the wireless network that you want to connect to the selector mode and then configure it with the selected field. After selecting the wireless network, specify the wireless network key which is the same as the wireless router networking security key. Once all the details have been completed then simply tap on the apply button. So that all the settings will be saved. After that, the wireless repeater will reboot, and when the rebooting completes then you can access the Wavlink Universal Repeater as the wireless AP/ router mode by using the same SSID and the wireless network key.

Final Words

The Wavlink universal repeater folds up four external high gain antennas that help to make the system transportable. However, the antennas help to cover the long-range distances seamlessly. Whereas you can configure the settings of the repeater as the AP/ router mode with two simple methods that you can read above, For more configuration and setup details, read the installation guide of the Wavlink wireless repeater. 

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