How to smartly Rectify the problem of the Linksys Smart Router?

The Linksys Smart Router offers you the fast blazing speed that helps you to upload or download files at any range or distance. It is a smart wireless router that can manage the whole home system effectively. It is automatically connected to the server and ready for any firmware update. Therefore, it also ensures that there are no security holes for collapsing pre-compromised firewall protection. Additionally, it protects the system software with the latest firmware. The smart wifi panel helps to change everything which denies connecting to the highest bandwidth or streaming priority and carefully access the different channels with its dual-band radio.  

All thanks to the Linksys Smart Router setup wizard that simply helps to access the linksyssmartwifi login page. As its initial setup steps are easy and different from the previous model of the Linksys wifi router. As with other modern wireless routers, it has also proven itself a fast or smart wireless router. It can cover ten to fifty feet of distance with its dual-band networking connections. In addition, the Linksys wifi router comes with smart cooling vents on the surfaces of the device.

Rectifying the errors of the Linksys Smart Router

Sometimes the users of the Linksys smart router face some issues regarding the setup, web user interface not working, LED error, or many more. In this article, we’ll help you to solve the problems and also advise you to immediately fix the error. As you know, LEDs play a major role in identifying the problem with the device. If you know which LED indicates what meaning but you don’t know how to fix this error then you are on the right page. 

Linksys wireless router do not set up successfully

Due to some problem, if you fail to complete the setup of the device then you can try out this simple method. First of all, press or hold the reset button on the Linksys Smart Router device with the help of a sharp object. Press until the LED light starts blinking for more than ten seconds. After some time, install the settings of the wireless router again. However, you can disable the firewall of the computer on a temporary basis. Then use that computer to install the settings of the Linksys router again. 

How to plug the internet cable into the Linksys smart router?

In order to plug the internet cable in message while trying to set up the Linksys Smart Router then you need to make sure that the ethernet cable is safely or securely connected. It should be connected to the yellow port on the back of the device and the other ends connect to the modem. As you know that this modem is labeled as an ethernet port but named as LAN or WAN port. Then you need to make sure that the modem should be connected to the power and it should be turned on.

Also, make sure that Linksys Smart Router is set into the desired position in the user manual. Then you need to verify the internet service cable by connecting it to the modem. If your internet connection is DSL then ensure that the line connects to the DSL port of the modem. After that, disconnect the USB cable if it connects to the computer and installs the Linksys Smart Router again. 

Why is the Linksys router’s URL not opening into the web browser?

Ensure that you are using the latest version of the web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Mozilla, I.E, etc. Also, you need to check that the URL should also be correct myrouter.local/sign in to the admin account. If all the entered information is correct then you can simply reboot the device. For that disconnect the power cable from the modem as well as the router.

Then you need to wait for ten seconds and then reconnect to the power cable to the router and the modem. When the LED indicator stops blinking then you can reconnect all the systems with the power cable. But still, you need to wait until the LED on the top of the device stops blinking. After waiting for two minutes you can connect the computer to the internet connection. 

Why can’t I access the Linksys smart router?

Firstly, make sure that you have stable internet connectivity. If it is so and still you are unable to connect to the router. Then tap on the wireless icon on the settings of the computer and a list of networks will appear on your desktop screen. Then you need to click on the network name and you are directly prompted to enter the wireless security key and then click OK. Hence, the computer will connect to the available network connection and now it will be able to access the smart wireless router. 

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