The Pros and Cons of Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units

The wall hung bathroom vanity units are popular bathroom storage units for a modern bathroom. These are a type of furniture that hang on the wall that give them a floating appearance.

We all are spending much time in the bathrooms, from cleaning our teeth to washing our bodies and other activities. Over time, bathrooms have become a busy place. Because we all need to complete more functions in such a place, there is a similar need to keep our stuff. We cannot imagine that all these items will leave around with no proper storage. It makes your bathroom look unorganized and dirty. Besides that, finding items in so much other stuff is not easy, and it can make you stressed as well. The simple solution is bathroom storage furniture. But there is so much storage available, which one you should choose is problematic. Unless you understand what you are looking for and why, it is difficult to get the best out of your storage unit choice. 

Among such choices, a wall-hung style vanities are also a popular choice. But what are its benefits, and where should you choose to need careful attention? 

What Are the Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units?

The wall hung bathroom vanity units are a type of bathroom furniture that provides storage for bathroom essentials. The major difference between this one and others is that they floating on the wall. That gives it its name. It is a type of floating style that stays above the ground. Most of the time, these are for compact bathrooms or cloakrooms because of their space efficiency. 

Why You Need Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units?

You need the wall hung bathroom vanity units because of many of its advantages. Because of the design, it takes less space in the bathroom. However, since the minimalist design is trendy and contemporary, homeowners are installing these regardless of the size of the bathroom. That is because of its luxurious look. Because of these hanging on the wall, the space underneath remains empty. That makes it easier to keep clean and creates the illusion of more space, even in a small bathroom. You can get even more help with its space-saving feature by installing a worktop sink over it. Since they can fix a stylish sink over it, you will no longer need a separate basin. That means even more space-saving and lesser costs. 

What Are the Advantages of Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units?

We have already provided you a brief introduction to these vanities. There are various reasons for preferring them over simple storage cabinets. A few of these advantages of wall hung style bathroom storage units are discussed here. 

  • Make Your Small Bathroom Look Spacious

The biggest reason for inventing such storage units was to provide your small bathroom with ample storage capacity. But one great thing about these storage units that have floating style is that the empty floor on the ground underneath makes it appear significantly spacious. It is a kind of illusion that it creates. It makes it very helpful for the bathroom with limited space. 

  • Prevent The Bottom of the storage Furniture.

Bathroom vanity or storage units are made with durable material and doesn’t easily damage due to humidity in the bathroom. However, if the vanity unit placed on the floor is consistently exposed to water splashes, it will damage from the bottom over time. Floating storage solves this problem by preventing any water from getting anywhere on the storage. 

  • Luxurious Look. 

Another advantage of this type of vanity unit is that it creates a luxurious look in the bathroom. A compact and anything floating is the latest trend that is increasingly popular for luxurious-looking spaces. You can even enhance its luxury appearance by fittings a worktop sinks over it. That will make it even more beautiful and space saver. 

  • Simple and Easier Floor Cleaning.

With minimum impact in the bathroom and nothing on the floor to keep, the floor is extremely easier to keep clean and maintain. The space underneath the vanity is completely empty so you can clean it with just one go. On the other hand, the other type of vanities covers space on the floor, which is not easier for cleaning the floor.

Disadvantages of Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units

Like everything else, bathroom vanity units also have a few disadvantages. The disadvantages of the wall hung style vanities include

  • The first thing you should keep in mind is that the  floating style furniture units are a bit complex to install in comparison to floor standing storage furniture units. 
  • The second thing is that its price is relatively higher in comparison to the floor standing units. So, keep your budget a little up accordingly. 

Looking for A Top-Quality Wall Hung Bathroom Vanity Units?

In this article, we discuss wall hung vanity units. With a compact design, these can be an incredible choice for all types of bathrooms. Because of the space-saving design, you can use them in the cloakrooms and small bathrooms. At Royal Bathrooms online store in the UK, we can offer you high-quality bathroom furniture at a price you would love. You can visit our website to place an order with us. Have a good day