How To Configure Advanced Setting Of Belkin Wireless N300 Extender?

To get the Belkin Wireless N300 extender configuration, read us. Many times a wireless router is not suitable for the home. Because its network connectivity does not cover every corner and they need a Belkin Wireless N300 extender. The user has a lot of problems because in whichever corner he goes, he has to face the weak signal. If you want to get rid of this weak signal and want to increase the signal of network connectivity, then you can take it with the range extender.

Because the extender extends the range and amplifies the network signal. But you should install an extender that is compatible with all brands of routers. Then, you can install Belkin wireless N300 extender because this extender is entirely compatible with all brand routers as well all devices. The network signal of this range extender is very strong & stable. 

The Belkin Wireless N300 extender easily expands the network coverage and boosts the network signals. The WiFi dead spot completely eliminates the range of this extender. The network connectivity is powerful & reliable and works with N & G networks. If you wish to enhance the network of your wireless router then you need to perform the belkin n300 range extender setup. After performing the setup of the range extender the network speed absolutely amplifies. 

Configure Advanced Setting Of Belkin Wireless N300 Extender

If you wish to optimize the network signals then you should configure the setting of the Belkin Wireless N300 extender. Because the setting is necessary to manage the network of the device. The advanced setting is major in all the settings because in this setting all the settings are included. If you wish to configure the advanced setting of the range extender then you quickly configure it with the given below steps.

Before configuring the advanced setting of the range extender, you can connect the Belkin Wireless N300 extender to the web interface. If you wish to connect the extender to the web interface, then you need an IP address or web address. But you properly ensure your device is properly connected to the network connectivity. If it is not connected then you need to connect it with the network password. Afterward, open the web utility ibn the network-connected device and then enter the IP address in the search bar. Now, your Belkin extender surely connects to the web utility. 

Configure 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz networks

The Belkin N300 wireless range extender comes along with two network bands. This band is superior & better to enhance the networks. If you wish to increase the network signals with the range extender device then you should configure the 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz networks. If you wish to enjoy the network signal in a particular area then you need to configure the 5 GHz network.

If you want to acquire the network signal in every particular area then you absolutely enable the 2.4 GHz network. If you wish to configure the 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz networks then you need to visit the setting. But for this, you should log in to the account. After configuring the account you visit the wireless setting and then enable any band whatever you want. 

Wireless network name(SSID) and password

To properly get the network signal in full high-speed you need to configure the SSID & network password. If you usually use the default admin password then the network connectivity becomes slow. Because everyone knows this pass and then you quickly connect your device to the extender network. If you wish to increase the network signals of the range extender then you can log in to the account with http //belkin.range. If you use this web address then you easily get the login page and then visit in the advanced setting. Under this setting, you get the network name & password option. Just click this option, and then easily configure the network name & password. 

Configure security setting

The security setting is necessary to configure the advanced setting. If you cannot configure the security setting then you cannot properly configure the advanced setting. To configure the security setting, you use a web utility and just enter the default IP. And then visit the advanced setting of the Belkin wireless N300 extender. Under the setting, you will find out the security option. To fully protect Belkin Wireless N300 extender from malware & outsider you need to enable the security feature in an accurate manner. 

 Wi-Fi protected setup

If you wish to connect your wireless router to the range extender without using the wire then you need to configure the Wi-Fi-protected setting. Because after enabling this setting you easily connect your existing router to the extender device without touching the wire. In the advanced setting of this range extender, the Wi-Fi protected setup option is there, just enable this option, and then the setting is successfully configured. 

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