Rockspace Amplifier Extender Keeps Disconnecting? Easy Solutions

The Rockspace Amplifier Extender is a wireless 2.4GHz & 5GHz dual-band signal amplifier. It is usually used for high-speed network connectivity in long-distance areas. Many wireless extenders are here but the Rockspace Amplifier Extender is good & better than the other. Because the network connectivity is more secure & stable. With the wireless network signals of this extender, you absolutely connect your client device to the network.

Additionally, the Rockspace Amplifier extender completely enhances the network connectivity of your traditional router & access point device. It thoroughly eliminates dead zones in your home & delivers seamless network coverage. This device totally covers 2640 square feet of coverage inside & outside of your home. The extender device provides optimum & high network performance in every corner of your home. This device is compatible with all WiFi 5 routers & other network devices. 

Moreover, the high-gain antennas are built-in on the top panel of the extender device that extends the network coverage. With the antennas, it delivers high-network performance in the entire home. If the network signals range is slow or interrupted then you can easily amplify the range by changing the wireless password. By inserting re.rockspace.local in the web browser panel, you can absolutely reach the setting. After that, quickly change the password.

Principal reasons behind Rockspace Amplifier Extender keeps disconnecting repeatedly

The Rockspace Amplifier Extender device completely more helps to remove the dead zone. By using the network connectivity of this device, you cannot see any dead zone. The Ethernet port is powered by this device that allows making the connection by using an Ethernet cable. But sometimes, the range extender device keeps disconnecting and the user cannot enjoy high-speed network connectivity. Here are some reasons why the extender keeps disconnecting repeatedly. 

  • Configure wrong network setting
  • More distance between router & extender
  • Not using word connection
  • Outdated firmware 
  • Connect to the wrong Wi-Fi network 

Solutions: Rockspace Amplifier Extender Keeps Disconnecting

If the Rockspace Amplifier Extender device keeps disconnecting then you should try to quickly resolve the issue. If you fix these issues manually then these issues will get solved quickly. Here are some solutions to solve the disconnecting issues.

Connect to the right WiFi network

Many times you connect your device to other networks instead of the extended network due to disconnecting issues. To resolve the keeps disconnecting issue, you have to examine the network. If you have connected your device with the wrong network name, you must connect the device to this network immediately. You need to connect your device to the network of Rockspace Amplifier Extender using its password. After that, the disconnecting issue is resolved & you seamlessly enjoy high-speed network connectivity. 

Modify the placement of the Rockspace extender

Many times the place where you have installed the extender device is not the right place when it comes to disconnecting issues. If a disconnecting issue comes then you have to properly verify the placement of the extender. If the extender is placed in a dirty & near heating device then it is not working.

To resolve the issue, you should choose the extender device position that is neat & clean. Make sure your extender device is not installed near any heating devices like refrigerators and microwaves. If it is positioned near the heating device, it will completely overheat and stop working. The placement of this device is neat & clean, ventilated area, & flat surface. 

More network traffic 

Many times your range extender device with multiple devices accessing the network at the same time thus causing the disconnecting issue. If a disconnecting issue occurs then you should verify the network traffic. Since too many devices will slow down the network range and create issues like disconnecting. To fix the issue yourself, you should verify the issue like network traffic. If multiple devices are connected then you should change the password quickly so that all the devices will be disconnected and the issue will also be fixed.

Power cycle the wireless signal amplifier

Sometimes, the power cycle solution completely solves many problems. If the disconnecting issue keeps coming then you can easily & efficiently power cycle the extender. To power cycle the extender device, you have to switch off the extender & properly unplug it from the power socket. Then, you have to disconnect all the wires from the extender that plugs into the port. After that, you have to leave the extender for a few minutes. Now, make all the cable connections with your range extender. Then, plug the extender device into a wall power supply & properly power ON the power by using the power button. 

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