How To Do Hardware Installation of the Netgear Insight Airbridge?

The Netgear Insight Airbridge is a long-range device that amplifies a signal of around 9000 square feet. If installed within the range of 500 feet, then it supplies a rapid speed of 500 Mbps. But you have to install it by observing the line of sight. It arrives with a master and satellite. The satellite connects with the base and increases the signal. Therefore, ideal for outdoors such as farms, golf courses, gardens, external lobbies, pool houses, etc. It is perfect for IP camera security systems. The weather resistance characteristics shield the device from snow, dust, sunlight, rainfall, etc. 

The wall mounting and pole mounting properties of this device save the hardware cost to install the Netgear Insight Airbridge outdoors. It can be installed easily on walls as well on poles. With the dual Ethernet port, you attach a LAN network as well as IP cameras. The two operation modes let you set up the device as a bridge mode and access point mode. By downloading the Nighthawk on your tablet or mobile device, it will permit you to configure the settings from anywhere. The Netgear Insight wireless Instant Airbridge hardware installation is as follows.

Netgear Insight Airbridge Hardware Installation 

The Netgear Airbridge hardware installation will take some time. Just run after these steps.

Spot the Location

Before advancing to do the hardware installation of the Netgear Insight Airbridge device, firstly identify the spot you wish to install both satellite and master WiFi systems. Locating the satellite and the master is easy. Observing the direct line of sight and fixing the antennas at around 40 degrees will supply the most dependable WiFiu coverage. Just set both satellite and master WiFi systems at a gap of around 3km. To fix the WiFi systems on the poles, walls, etc. at the outdoor conditions, validate that the temperature is within 20 to 60 degrees celsius. 

Unpack the Unit Box

Unpack the Netgear Insight Airbridge unit box and set it into a neat horizontal surface. Carry out all equipment that arrives with the unit box. Read the user guide carefully. Assure that the box includes the Master, satellite, power cord, adapter, user guide, wall mounting screws, paper screws, pole mounting strap, and anchors. 

Establish WiFi connection

Get sure that the satellite and the master are in around the same place to be configured. Employing an ethernet wire, attach it to the power adapter. However, another end should be attached to the LAN1 port of the WBC502 device. Use another wire and attach it to the modem or router and power adapter. Join the power adapter into the AC joint. The LED indicator lightens and switches into hard. Although, the LED indicator powers OFF on the WBC502. Now connect your computer to the identical network as the WBC502 device is connected.

Now configure the mode as a master to advance it. Following the configuration is achieved, power ON your Netgear Insight Airbridge later disconnect to the network. To configure the satellites, follow the same steps mentioned above. 

Establish the WiFi Connection Again

Remake the connection by observing the above steps as we do for both WiFi systems. Fix the WBC502 outside. The higher you install the WiFi system, the more reliable network as well as the speed you will experience. Understand the user manual and employ the screws to install the Netgear Insight Airbridge WBC502. Drill two separate spaces and push screws on them. Also, put the anchors into the screw and squeeze it.

Free the strap of the pole if you are willing to fix the WBC502 on the pole. Connect the strap to the pole. Lock the strap and locate your Netgear device. Apply the screwdriver to harden it. After that, move to the setup and access the airbridge login page to manage the settings.

Netgear Insight Airbridge Review

Purchased Netgear Insight Airbridge recently to place on the top of the office building. It arrives with a master and satellite. The satellite connects with the base and amplifies the signal. It connects easily and is providing very good signal strength as well as speed. A couple of operation modes will give you the permit to set up the device as a bridge mode and access point mode.

If placed within 500 feet, it delivers an excellent signal of 500 MBps with dual-band technology. Overall, I’m pretty glad to purchase this WiFi system at an effective price range. I must suggest the users willing to spread the coverage over a wide area, it would be the best product for you.

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