How To Setup Dlink AX1500 EXO Router With Alexa & Google Assistant?

Nowadays, every networking device runs with internet or WiFi networking connectivity. If the internet connectivity is not available then this device is useless. In the residence, many devices are also available that work with WiFi network connectivity such as vacuum cleaner, video doorbell, cooling system(AC), IP camera, thermostat, wireless all-in-one printer, mobile phone, tablet, desktop device, smart TVs, and more. If you wish to buy such a device for your residence then you surely buy Dlink AX1500 EXO Router. Because the network connectivity of this device is reliable & stable. Moreover, this router completely supports many client devices.

If more than 15 client devices are present in your home then this router is most ideal. Because this router has the power to handle various networking devices & deliver smooth network coverage.

The Dlink AX1500 EXO Router comes along with a WiFi 6 network. The WiFi 6 network is faster, speedy, stable, & powerful. This networking device works with 11AC networks then this device has exceptional capacity. If you wish to get better network signals with this networking device then you should perform the D-link ax1500 setup in a suave. Because the setup of every device is a must. If you will perform the setup then you entirely get the better performance. 

Remarkable aspects of the Dlink AX1500 EXO Router 

The Dlink AX1500 EXO Router completely works with all the client’s devices. If you wish to enjoy gaming on the blu-ray player gaming device then you can enjoy it. But you think, my blu-ray player gaming device is wired then how to connect with the router. Whereas, this networking router is equipped with LAN ports. Then, your gaming player easily connects to the D-link networking router. If you take the network connectivity with this router, then you entirely know some aspects of this router.

Extraordinary capacity for more device 

The Dlink AX1500 EXO Router comes along with 802.11ac networks. The 11AC network is more efficient & optimum to enhance the network signals. If you wish to enjoy reliable stream music & videos without any interrupted network signals then you surely enjoy it with the network connectivity of this router. This wireless networking router entirely delivers blazing transmission speed because the 11AC network is enhanced in this router. In your residence more than 15 client devices are available that run only internet connectivity, then you can easily connect all the presented devices to the AX1500 router. This networking router has an extraordinary capacity for more client devices. 

Provide better performance & less latency 

The D’link AX1500 wireless WiFi 6 networking router absolutely delivers up to 1500 Mbps. This speed is more suitable & optimum for your client’s device. With this network signal speed, your client device stays connected with the WiFi 6 router. With some routers, you connect your client device such as the Dlink AX1500 EXO Router then your device disconnects. If your device is connected, but after some time you are facing buffering network signals. But the Exo AX1500 router surely provides better network performance & also provides less latency. 

High transmission rate with OFDMA technology 

The network speed of the D-link wireless 6 router is ultra-high & blazing. Because the OFDMA technology is enhanced in this router accurately amplifies the network signals. This technology provides the facility to connect more devices to the networking router and the network signals are stable. With other routers, your client device does not approach the network signals. But with the D’link ax1500 router, every client easily approaches the network connectivity without any hurdle.

Setup Dlink AX1500 EXO Router With Amazon Alexa

The Dlink DIR-X1560 networking router is more compatible with the Amazon Alexa device. The Alexa device is more useful to operate the Dlink AX1500 EXO Router. With this device, you can easily operate the router with your voice. But for this, you have to perform the Alexa device setup with a router device.

To perform the setup, you need to install the Amazon Alexa App. Just visit the Apple app store on your iPhone or Google Play Store on your android mobile phone. Then, install or download the Amazon Alexa App. You can tap the menu icon on the top left-hand corner. Now, tap the games & games option in the drop-down list. Then search the Dlink Wi-Fi and instantly enable the link to the skill. Now, sign in using the d-link account. Presently, the Amazon Alexa is properly set up with the Dlink WiFi 6 router.

Setup Dlink AX1500 EXO Router With Google Assistant 

If you wish to set up the Google assistant with the D’link AX1500 network WiFi 6 router then you need to install the app. Although, you use dlinkrouter.local and quickly perform the setup. But for this, you need the latest technology web utility. 

You can install the Google Assistant app and then launch it. Now, your google assistant will talk to D-link Wi-Fi. You can tap the Yes option. You need to sign in to the account while using the D-link account details. Now, you can allow the setup option and the setup is successfully done. 

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