Some Vital Facts about Vertical Lift Modules

A Vertical Lift Module refers to a type of automated storage and retrieval system (AS-RS). It contains an inserter / extractor system along with two sets of trays in the front and back section. Considering its features, these modules are optimal storage tools. The function of inserter/extractor is to find the trays automatically and retrieve them from both the front and backside. 

It is with a button which needs to be pressed and a tray is delivered to the operator. These modules scale up warehouse activities by reducing delivery & search time and optimizing productivity up to ten times. When VLMs are integrated with a regular inventory control management system, picking, storing and retrieving items become a lot easier. More than that, trays can be placed and stored on the basis of factors like weight, size and utilization etc. 

Apart from achieving workers’ productivity, storage space will also be increased in the warehouse. There is some other vital information about vertical lift modules which must be known. That information is discussed below. 


Vertical Lift Module systems have been known for delivering the optimal productivity, upscaling throughput with accurate details. 

  • You could integrate autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) to speed up the tasks
  • It is 98 feet tall
  • It could carry trays with a weight of 2200 lbs. in one unit
  • Height of system could be adjusted before and after the installation
  • Facility of dual-tray delivery is also possible
  • It could manage inventory of various sizes and weights


This type of automated storage and retrieval system is helpful in automating warehouse operations. Not only your regular software but integration of these tools impact on streamlining warehouse tasks and thereby workers’ job performance. We will list down some of the top benefits of these modules.  

  • Enhances workforce productivity 
  • Free up warehouse space up to 85%
  • Save up to 85% of wasted floor space
  • Minimizes labor need by 67%
  • Absolute ergonomic access
  • Leverage of quick ship 
  • Capacity to integrate with other software


By using vertical lift modules, workers don’t have to move here and there in the facility and look for the required items. Through these tools, they reach the items at a specified point. They could also adjust tray height for their convenience. They don’t have to use ladders anymore to pick the items. This will save workers’ effort and time. 

They could focus on other significant tasks instead of picking items from different points. So, Such ergonomic advantages help achieve customer loyalty. When every activity of the warehouse will fall into place then it will affect the business bottom line.  

Efficiency in Picking Process

VLMs integrated with pick-to-light technology can achieve accurate results with enhanced productivity. At the pick window position, pick-to-light position lights could be used to guide the operator that he has to pick the items. On the other hand, if there is a pick-to-light transaction information center at the pick window point then the operator will know about the picking location as well about the part description and quantity.  

A picking zone can also be formed by using many VLMs. So, these are combined with the warehouse software, operators get to know from which module they have to pick the items. With no time, hardly 45 seconds, items from VLM are presented to the operator. Additionally, VLM shelves could be customized to cater products with different heights and weight. 

In Summary

After going through the above script, we hope that you will make your mind to have vertical lift modules for your organization. To not have any hassle, go to MWI Solutions. They offer cutting-edge automated storage and retrieval solutions. Negotiate with them and work smartly for a better ROI.