Are You Getting Married? Check Out These 10 Fall Wedding Trends 2022 UK!

If you and your spouse-to-be are winter lovers, you probably looking for the most happening D-day in the fall; amid the breath-taking backdrops and flavourful menu.

Autumn shades stir an authentic affair with the weather and the vibes. It can be incorporated as a theme for lavish wedding cards and wedding outfits.

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UK’s obsession with Bridgeton shows no sign of taking a back seat in 2022. This regency fascination is expected to find a way in 2022 weddings.

Weddings in the UK will be defined by the colour Regency Blue in 2022.

With everyone stepping out and inhaling- the post-pandemic air, the newfound appreciation for nature is expected to blow the air in 2022.

We can expect the wedding ideas UK 2022 to be replete with terracotta cups, linen napkins, and driftwood napkins. The neutrals popping bright rust paired with all-white pallets will reflect the charm of the wedding.

Apart from this, earthly olive greens, vibrant pink-purple, tropical oranges, and creamy yellow will dominate the wedding fever in 2022.

From Wedding Creches to rustic themes, these are the elements to consider if you are planning a wedding soon!

10 Fall Wedding Trends 2022 in the UK

A touch of soberness

While alcohol and champagne kick-start the journey of happiness, 2022 is bound to see an end to this tradition. Alcohol should be replaced by non-alcoholic items on the menu.

This is indeed a healthy switch. As of reports, there has been a rise in maternity weddings and guest dresses in the UK. Thus the reason for the switch seems godly.

It will be fun to see how indulgent drinks can replace the tables with juices and other drinks.

Wedding Dress on Rent

How about skipping the additional trouble of roaming about and spending all your savings on a wedding dress?

How about making your dream come true within budget? 

Well, that’s what wedding dresses on rent can grant you.

With an average bride spending £1313 on a wedding dress, 14% of them preferred buying a dress for rent.

The trend is not just popular among brides but grooms as well. The best part is you can walk down the aisle drop-dead gorgeous at a fraction of the cost! If you seek a budget and eco-friendly option to dress for a wedding, then hire a dress!

Scrumptious and “Meaningful” cakes

What did the cake say about you as a couple?

To make the day more memorable, couples are inclining towards introducing a centrepiece that narrates the forgone tale. It can trace back to the good old dating dates to the proposal day. Whether it means memories related to a particular spot, childhood, or a thing, scrumptious and meaningful cakes are bound to pep up the catering table.

If you are seeking ways to re-create your proposal or courtship period, you can dress it up with a flavoursome and meaningful cake.

Wedding Creches

As mentioned above, the wedding is becoming more popular among – the mommies-to-be. According to a report, “there has been a significant increase of 80% in maternity wedding dresses in the UK”. So, for the new post-pregnant wives, 2022 may include an additional decoration range of wedding creches.

So, don’t be surprised if you see yourself surrounded by creches! It’s becoming popular!

Winter Wedding Venues

What strikes your mind when someone talks about a winter wedding?

The rustic vibes, apple orchards, fireplaces, and scenic views, and of course amid the greenery, farm produce!

Choose a wedding venue replete with soul-calling lounges and apple orchards for making a wedding statement.

Posy Bouquets

Posy bouquets are one breakthrough that emerged from the pandemic. The miniature bouquet can replace the traditional top-floral arrangements. The uniqueness of this approach can be witnessed in its “less is the new more” approach.

According to the fact, “The UK is keeping with more low-key trends. The minimal trends are going to reflect the most in wedding attire, size, and varieties.

Vintage Furniture

Vintage furniture is heart-throbbing. This antique décor is bound to take over other trends in 2022. And the colour palettes seem to embrace the trend. Where we aren’t over with baby blue and pastel hues yet, 2022 will introduce smoky greys and midnight blacks into the trend.

And gold and silver hues will go under wraps. Couples are switching to brass and mirror structures that befit the rustic touch.

Reverse destination Wedding trends

As the DELTA variant continues the air of uncertainty, individuals are hesitant to plan a destination wedding. Oppose to this, many couples are leaning towards creating a destination wedding look in their cities- backyard, beach, or a small restaurant.

According to a report, “ETSY saw a 124% rise in garden wedding items searches, with couples investing in rustic boards, and confetti cones.

Couples seem to embrace the open-air vibes of enclosed wedding halls.

The wedding theme of 2022- ESCAPISM

With escapism being the trend, romantic details will define the wedding venues. Dreamy weddings–not-so-dreamy, but ecstatic.

Velvety-dressed bridesmaid

While the bride is undoubtedly the centre of attraction on the wedding day, the bridesmaids are attractive.

The rich texture and subtle shine of the bridesmaids are a great way to celebrate the wedding with full vigour.

2022 will see a massive transformation in bridesmaid entry and dresses- copper blended with gold will light up the wedding venue.

Are your bridesmaids ready to set the floor on fire?

Destination Elopements

Yes, how interesting it might seem, it is the trend of the day! Elopement increased in popularity post-lockdown and limited guest invites.

Here “elopement” symbolizes- back to life, restoration of health, wealth, and relationships. It is a celebration of the bonds. The elopement trend will help the couple enjoy the wedding to the fullest!

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So, these are the major trends that you can look forward to in the 2022 wedding UK.

Besides these, you can incorporate acts of gratitude in the wedding gifts and invitations and honour the lost loved ones to make your wedding a memorable event.

Absorb the list above and cross the items off the list NOW! Have a dream wedding in 2022!