Benefits of Low-Powered Vaping in 2021

The vaping trend is becoming more and more popular as people look for safer, less harmful alternatives to smoking. Many vapers ask themselves whether higher wattage on their device will help them achieve a more substantial throat hit, but the reality is that it may not! Learn the benefits of lower wattage on your vaping device below.

  1. Low-powered vaping does not pollute as much. 

For example, when you use high power on an atomizer with a cotton wick, sometimes it will burn rather than vape because of how hot it gets from the energy that the battery produces. The same is true if you are using dry herbs instead of e-liquid. In both situations, there can be carcinogens released into your body through inhalation, which poses long-term health risks like cancer. This isn’t possible with low-wattage vaping since you’re taking advantage of lower temperatures for each specific material (e-liquid vs. dry herbs).

  1. Low-powered vaping is better for your battery. 

Using a higher-powered device can drain the life of your batteries much more quickly. Many people prefer to use low-powered vaping devices because it allows their batteries to last longer and keep them from charging as often. 

In addition, when you use many high-powered vaping products regularly, they will generate heat, reducing the battery’s quality over time. This means that with each vape session, you’re reducing how long your mod will work.

  1. Lower wattage vaping saves money. 

You’ll save yourself some serious coin by buying lower-wicking devices instead of ones that require more energy every single time. Low wattage ensures minimal amounts of the concentrate go to waste. Also, since your batteries won’t degrade as quickly, they will last longer and save you money.

  1. Vaping at low wattage is more discreet than doing it at high wattages.

Low power devices are great for when you’re in tight quarters or trying to be less conspicuous about what you’re doing while out in public. They don’t produce a ton of vapor as high-powered ones do. For example, using low wattage on an E-liquid device is better when vaping indoors because there isn’t too much residue produced from exhaling, making a mess everywhere, or staining surfaces. This can be especially helpful when one has roommates who aren’t fans of the habit! 

  1. Low wattage vaping reduces waste and maintenance.

When smoking (or vaping), low-powered devices help reduce the excess residue left behind, which means minor clean-up for you!. 

  1. Low wattage vaping is the answer for those who want a more substantial throat hit.

Although most people prefer higher-powered devices because they create more vapor, some enjoy low-powered vaping options which produce less vapor but provide a much better vape juice flavor and an excellent throat hit.

  1. Low wattage vaping is safer. 

Although most people seek out high-power vaping products, this isn’t always safe, especially if done indoors around flammable objects like curtains, etc. Low power devices are less likely to cause issues with this since they don’t produce as many clouds of vapor, which means there’s not nearly as much residue left behind that can catch fire if too close to something combustible.

  1. It has a better flavor. 

When vaping at higher wattage levels, it reduces the quality of your CBD Oil Vape Pens because you’re burning instead of actually ‘vaping’ on it. Hence, you do not get what you paid for! This is why low-wattage devices are handy when using fruit-flavored options because anything more than minimal heat will make all of the vape juice taste burnt as a cigarette does. 

  1. Low wattage vaping prevents issues with temperature control.

Higher-powered vape pens not only produce more vapor but also consume e-liquid faster than low-powered vaping devices. Consequently, it’s harder for users of high-powered options to keep the device at an optimal temperature based on what they’re trying to achieve. For example, some people like using higher voltage levels to get more enormous clouds, while others prefer a cooler vape. One interesting thing is how both types of products will provide more flavor when used correctly. Since most individuals favor either one or the other (clouds vs. cool), there are very few situations where one must consider both simultaneously.


So there you have it, nine reasons to lower wattage on your vaping device. If you’ve been wondering about the best way to vape with high nicotine levels without feeling like a cigarette smoker, this is for you. 

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