Can I make an electronic rat trap with my own hands?

It is easy to make an electronic rat trap with fully available radio components. An important task in this case is to find a reliable dwelling in which, in fact, all the elements will be placed and which serves as the trap itself. The easiest way to do this is to use a regular food container in which a hole with a diameter of 6-7 cm is cut for the animal to penetrate.

Two metal plates are then placed at the bottom of the container so that the distance between them is greater than 1 cm (greater than the length of the rat’s leg). This will avoid the situation when only one leg is “closed” in the animal, it will burn, but it will not die and will escape. If on one plate there will be one or more legs, and on the other – the other, then the current will pass through the body of the animal, which will lead to death.


A variant is possible when power is supplied to a contact at the bottom of the rat trap and to the hook on which the bait hangs. In this case, the probability of death of the rodent when the trap is activated will be even higher.

The following drawing shows one of the variants of the electrical circuit of the device:

Such a trap is installed where the rat is likely to find it. After the capture of the animal, the rat trap must be disconnected from the outlet, the capacitors must be discharged with a conductive object (isolated from the hands), after which the carcass of the animal must be removed.

It should be understood that the danger of a homemade device for humans and pets is incomparably greater than in the case of using a factory-made battery-powered device.


“We bought a Victor electric rat trap, it looks solid, just for the money. They put him for the night on the bedside table under the sink, in which the garbage can is located, and began to wait. Nothing in the morning. At night, neither, nothing, but no one climbed into the bucket either. After a day in the morning I open the nightstand: the tail sticks out of the trap. He took it, turned it over, the rat fell off. Everything is fine, no blood. Good rat trap, it works.