Let’s start by knowing what a Salvage Title vehicle is. This refers to a vehicle that has been destroyed or damaged to such an extent that its repair is considered too expensive.

The cars with saved titles are those that the insurance companies classify as unfit to circulate because it is damaged by an accident, flood, fire or any other circumstance. Also in some cases, vehicles that have been declared stolen may receive a salvaged title.

For insurance companies, it is more viable to declare it as a total loss than to repair it, but this does not mean that the vehicle is totally useless, many times the damage caused does not involve the engine or other important parts for the good circulation of the vehicle.

Most people believe that buying a car with a saved title is not a good buy because it will break down soon, but this is not entirely correct, this often depends on the care given to the vehicle and how many owners it has had.

At the time of purchase, you will have the following advantages of a vehicle with a salvage title:

  1. The purchase price is much less than that of a car with a clean title.
  2. Since you buy it at a lower price, you pay less tax to register it with the MVA.
  3. If you take care of it and make good use of it, it can last you many years.

Among the negative points that you should also consider are:

  1. It is a car that may have been involved in serious accidents.
  2. When you want to sell it, it will have to be at a lower price than a car that has a clean title.
  3. Insurance for salvaged cars may be higher than for a car with a clean title, depending on the history of the car.

A salvaged car is a good purchase option, the most important thing is to investigate the vehicle’s history and be aware that the durability of any vehicle, whether new or used, depends on the care that each person provides.

If you need to find information about the history of a salvaged vehicle, there are companies that sell you reports of this type such as Carfax. Also, remember that these vehicles are registered differently, so if you need information about the documents you must bring, you should visit an MVA or DMV office to make sure you have everything you need.