Poisoning in cats by rat and snail poisons

The cats have access to orchards and gardens can contact products pest control such as rats, mice, slugs or snails. These products are highly toxic to kitties.

Metaldehyde is found in the form of granules, liquid or powders as a molluscicide (poison for snails), and also in the form of tablets to light barbecues. It has a very sweet taste that is very attractive to cats, although poisoning can also occur when they eat poisoned snails. After one to three hours of ingestion, the cat may present vomiting and diarrhea, respiratory distress with tachycardia and neurological alterations that end in loss of consciousness and death due to liver failure.

Coumarins and indandiones are rodenticides, which are used as baits for the control of rats and mice. In this case, the poisoning in the cat can be caused by the ingestion of the bait or the poisoned mouse or rat , which causes the depletion of vitamin K, which is essential for blood clotting.

The clinical picture appears between one and four days after this particular feast , depending on the type of rodenticide swallowed, so that we can go unnoticed and not associate consumption with the state of the cat. To identify it, think that it will present bruises, paleness, weakness and internal bleeding. Knowing exactly what type of rodenticide our cat has ingested is very valuable information for the veterinarian, as it will help him to set the duration of the treatment.