What should my strategy be to crack UPSC MAINS COURSE 2021?

If you’re determined to prepare for the civil service exam, you will require at minimum 10-12 months of study before you can appear in the preliminary examination. The initial month will be analyzing questions from previous years to learn about the format and then to complete your sources of study. This is an extremely vital exercise when you begin to embark on your journey. After that, you need to begin studying from class 7th to class 10th NCERT for all subjects. This should take no more than a month. Then comes the real work. The practice we have done in the past was just to prepare you for the hard work that you will begin. You must now begin preparing for each part of the UPSC MAINS REVISION COURSE 2021 examination in depth, including ancient India as well as medieval India and modern India physical geography Indian geography Indian political system, the constitution of India as well as the world’s history, environment and current affairs, and more. In this case, you will have to learn from most recommended niche books, or from numerous online and offline platforms that are specialized in the creation of such content that will give you a deep knowledge of the subjects or topics. This whole process is likely be four to six months during which you do not just study, but you also revise your knowledge and, ideally, write your own shorthand notes to be able to quickly revise at a later date.

After you’ve completed this exercise, revisit the past 10 years of question papers and analyze requirements of the test and what you’ve learned so far. Find the gaps. Then, go through the books in your mind. You can also make sure you are updating your notes in shorthand If you have any. At this point you’re seven to eight months into preparing.

However, the next task I will recommend should be combined with your previous activity, should you wish to, you could do it later after you have completed the an initial reading of all questions in the above subjects. Practice mock tests. If you do not practice test-taking, all the information you’ve studied isn’t going to aid you on the test, and even if you put in the maximum effort, you’re unlikely be able to pass the test. Make sure to enroll in a course that offers high-quality mock tests that mimic the questions you will be that are asked during the exam. UPSC CSE.

A minimum of three months prior to your exam, you must practice a number of mock tests in order to become comfortable with the kind of questions being asked in the test and also to be aware of errors that can be harmful for your odds of passing the exam. In this section, you will take your lessons and gain knowledge about the specifics of how to do your best on the prelims test.

If you score well in the preliminary exam, I would suggest you join an institute that offers writing exercises for the mains. You can also get guidance by your professor who is specialized in a particular area. For instance, for mock tests in history you could approach a excellent history teacher in the area you live in, or for your geography test, you could approach a reputable geography teacher within your community and the list goes on. This is since the platforms online currently do not provide the kind of one to all feedback for the mains writing. In the time between prelims and mains examination it is merely necessary to consolidate what you’ve learned and update your knowledge about current affairs to be able to pass the said time. In addition it is important to work on answering the writing frameworks, and then complete your responses within the stipulated time frame. From the mains to the interview, you need to keep practicing the current events and your personality. This is the conclusion of the entire process is CRASH COURSE FOR UPSC MAINS.