5 things that insurance covers you and you did not know

The mantra that insurance clients repeat the most is: “you never forget to charge me, but when something happens to you in the end, half the time the insurance doesn’t cover it.” The insurance industry argues that policies clearly stipulate which claims are covered and which are not . The opposite is also frequently the case: there are mishaps that the insurer could take on, but the client does not know they have that coverage.

1. Child mischief

If you go to an optician and your child breaks expensive glasses … don’t be in a hurry. Your home insurance will respond for the damages caused . This is the case with most policies. This type of coverage is known as family liability and assumes that the insurer takes care of the damages caused to third parties by any member of the family, even if they did not occur inside the home. By the way, the family also includes domestic service, and pets!

2. Leisure and alcohol

Saturday in June, evening barbecue at the chalet of some friends. Two beers, a wine, a mojito … and it’s time to go home. To do? Since 2007, the Línea Directa insurer has had specific coverage for this type of situation. The driver who has ingested alcohol or feels unwell can call the company: a tow truck will pick up his car and take it home, and he and his companions will be transferred by taxi at no additional cost. Only three limitations, it is only valid for people under 26 years old, between midnight and seven in the morning, and for routes shorter than 24 kilometers.

3. Assembling IKEA 

Many people have a hard time unpacking an IKEA Liatorp table. The very thought of dealing with dozens of parts and screws makes them break out in cold sweats. That is why Mapfre has included additional coverage in its home insurance to help the insured with these and other DIY tasks, such as the placement of bathroom fixtures or the replacement of the cistern. It also includes the commissioning of electronic equipment. The coverage includes the technician’s displacement and up to three hours of labor in the insured home.

4. Iphone and swimming pool

In good weather, meetings come to the water’s edge. Whether at the beach, river or pool, more than one of them will have ended up soaking without realizing that they had their mobile in their pocket. In this case, the first thing to check is if we had any type of specific insurance for the phone. The operators sometimes include packs with coverage for these accidents. You also have to analyze how the incident has been. If it was a third party who caused the fall, you could claim compensation from your home insurance.

5. An unwell pregnant woman 

For pregnant women it can be very stressful to drive, thinking about what to do if they feel bad when they are behind the wheel. For this reason, Penelope Seguros launched a specific coverage that covers pregnant women who are unwell. By calling the insurance company, a taxi will pick them up to take them to the nearest health center, and a person will take care of taking the vehicle home.