The fear that we all feel for these rodents is more than reasonable since they are carriers and transmitters of dangerous diseases for man and our pets, fully justifying the need we feel to exterminate mice and kill rats, when they invade our environment.

Some diseases that are contracted by the bite of rats are:

  • Rabies: it is transmitted to people, and domestic animals through saliva, by the bite of infected rats or mice, manifests first with cough, fever, cramps, vomiting, migraine, later in the final phase it produces delirium, and aggressive manifestations , unleashing death.
  • Ebola: Another disease, which not long ago spread as an epidemic creating international panic, is caused by the Ebola virus.
  • Haverhill fever: This fever produces chills, muscle pain and headache, with inflammation of the joints and without treatment it can degenerate into serious heart problems.
  • And other equally feared diseases such as: typhoid fever, tuberculosis, salmonellosis, or cholera.

Rats and mice transmit diseases not only by bite, but also by being carriers of parasites, and through their excrement as in the case of:

  • Leptospirosis, in which the bacterium is transmitted mainly through the urine of infected animals, although it can also be found in other body fluids.

Once the bacteria are excreted, they survive for weeks or months in water and soil. Both humans and animals acquire the infection through direct contact with contaminated water.

To avoid diseases transmitted by rats and mice, the best is a good pest control.

But rats and mice not only man at the level of sanitary danger, but also eat crops, grain and other stored food causing economic losses, as well as creating damage to all kinds of materials in factories, houses, and establishments.