Types of clocks

It can be said that the most basic and used are only three types of watches. All of them will allow us to measure time in more precise ways.

  • Analog clock : The hands are in charge of giving us the hours. The hand that will indicate the hour will be wider and shorter than the hand that marks the minutes. This is longer and thinner. The one that marks the seconds is not always present. But of course, if the watch incorporates it, it will be distinguished because it is much thinner.
  • Digital clocks : We forget about the needles because it will be the numbers that appear on the screen. We can find them in 12 and 24 hour formats . Without a doubt, they also show us both the hours themselves, and the minutes. Some of them can let us see the seconds.
  • Analog and digital : Yes, new technologies also make it possible for us to enjoy a two in one. In other words, analog and digital in the same watch. For this, the needles and the numbers will meet in the same complement.

We cannot forget that within all of them, the types of watches range from the wrist watches to the ones we find in the towers or even the classic pocket watches. Variants in shapes and sizes that have been renewed over the years.