How to Place the Right Rug in the Right Spot

The right area rug ties the room interior together. So where should you put it? The answer is simple: the rug should be placed in the spot to make the most use of its color, pattern, and texture. It is also the focal point of any room, so it’s essential to place the right rug in the right spot. They provide warmth and comfort while also adding a touch of luxury to your home décor. This article will teach you how to choose an area rug that suits your style preferences, as well as some places where you should not put rugs. Read on to find out the best spots to put your rugs!

Placing Rugs With Furniture Style

The right and best area rugs can tie a room together. So where should you put it? The answer is simple: the rug should be placed in the spot to make the most use of it. The furniture layout in your room should determine where you place the rug. For example, if the furniture is centered around a fireplace or television set, it’s best to put an area rug there so that everyone can see and enjoy it while seated on the sofa. Also, it is best to place the rug under a table on which people will be eating.

Placing Rugs With Room Style

It would help determine what room style your space falls into so that you can pick out the right size rugs for it. You don’t want an oblong-shaped living room rug to cover most of the floor in a square-shaped living room. The room style relates to the size and shape, while furniture style relates to placing your rugs in front of or behind pieces. No matter what room style your space falls into, always consider how much traffic it gets when choosing where to put an area rug. For example, if you have kids who play on the floor all day, you might want to consider placing a rug in front of the sofa and even under the coffee table. For less crowded areas, it’s fine to place the rug behind furniture.

Size and Shape

Rugs are often one of the most important interior design pieces because they tie everything together and give a room its distinct feel. And you can’t just throw any old piece on your floor — at least, not if you want it to look good! Before choosing an area rug for your living room, dining room, bedroom, or any other space in your home, you’ll want to carefully consider the size and shape of it so that both fit within your designated area.

Rug as the Focal Point

Another thing to consider when deciding upon a location for your new rug is whether or not you want it to be a focal point in the room. If so, center your furniture around it and let that beautiful rug shine! But if you don’t want such an intense focus on one area of your home, place the rugs to highlight other areas instead. For example:

  • Placing a large rectangular or circular rug underneath your dining table or coffee table will help draw attention towards the center of the room.
  • Or, if you prefer, place two equally sized rugs side by side and position your furniture around them for an equal look!
  • Place rugs under the furniture to create a cohesive look.
  • Place rugs under the furniture for an intentional and well-thought-out design!
  • Use two or more smaller-sized rugs side by side to highlight other areas of your room instead if you would like less attention drawn toward one area. This is also helpful when placing multiple living spaces within the same room without making it seem cluttered.

Layer It

We all want our abodes to look their absolute best, which is why we layer our rugs and other decors. Layering works well in the kid’s rooms and the living room. If you have a living room with multiple seating areas, try to create separate spaces by using living room rugs in different sizes. You can also use area rugs and runners of the same shape but varying colors for this purpose. Layering a medium-sized rug over a wall-to-wall carpet is a great way to add modern style and texture.

In the Bedroom and Nurseries

The bedroom can be tricky when placing rugs, especially if you don’t have much space available. The best place for a small rug in your bedroom is under your bed or next to it. Choose from various styles, shapes, and colors, but make sure the rug is a couple of inches smaller than your bed. Moreover, they are best for kids too. Kids can be used as an alternative flooring surface to keep their feet from getting sore when running around on wood floors. A bedroom is where you should be calm and cozy, so consider using rugs to create that environment.

Rugs for Room with High Ceilings

The best rugs for rooms with high ceilings are small or medium-sized ones. If you have a tall ceiling, it would be best to place the rug close enough to the wall so that your room doesn’t look bare and hollow. But not too close because otherwise, it’ll make the space feel smaller than it is. The size of the area rug also depends on which part of your room you want to focus on. If it’s a large enough space, place one in the middle and put your bed close by so that when you wake up, you’ll feel like lying down again, even if it’s just for ten minutes or so before getting ready for work. You should also consider the shape of your rug. Rugs come in many different shapes, but if you have a round or oval room, it would be best to place rectangular rugs so that they fit the floor space well and don’t take up unnecessary space. Another thing to note is how much light exposure you get in your bedroom because this will affect the color of your rug. For a lot of natural light coming in through your windows, it would be best to choose darker to not reflect too much brightness into the room.

Wrapping Up

The rug you choose for your space should be chosen with care. Consider the size of the room, how much traffic it will get, and what colors are already in the space before choosing a rug to take home! Do you have any questions about selecting an area rug? We would love to answer them for you! To purchase a new rug or replace an old one, be sure to contact RugKnots! They offer a wide selection of high-quality, handmade, and machine-made rugs.