All About Podcasting

Podcasting is audi on content delivered via a web page. It can be played on the page itself through an inline player. Or it can be a download link to an mp3 file that viewers can download and listen to at their leisure. It can also take the form of an RSS feed:

    “Podcasting is online audio content that is delivered via an RSS feed. Many people liken podcasting to radio on demand. However, in reality, podcasting gives far more options in terms of content and programming than radio does. In addition, with Podcasting, listeners can determine the time and the place, meaning they decide what programming they want to receive and when they want to listen to it.”

Podcasts are most often found on blogs. This is mainly because some types of blogs have ready-made plugins that make the creation of podcasting extremely easy to do.

The name, podcasting, comes from the iPod, a small portable device that makes listening to downloadable audio files very easy. However, podcasts can be listened to on any capable device, including a computer, of course.

Podcasting allows syndication of content. In this way a podcaster is more akin to a radio broadcaster, while a blogger is more like a journalist. But blogging and podcasting have much in common, and they complement each other extremely well too. So much so that with the unprecedented rise of blogging in the past few years, podcasting has also risen to high acceptance levels.

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